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New Research May Solve Puzzle in Sea Level's Rise (NY Times; January 14, 2015)

Rate of Sea-Level Rise 'Steeper'  (BBC; January 14, 2015)

Higher Water Mark (The Economist; January 17, 2015)

The rate of sea-level rise is ‘far worse than previously thought,’ study says (Washington Post; January 15, 2015)

La subida del nivel del mar se ha acelerado más de lo que se pensaba (El País; January 14, 2015)

Anstieg der Ozeane seit 1900: Rätselhafter Sprung des Meeresspiegels verblüfft Forscher (Spiegel Online; January 14, 2015)

Fast sea level rise is a very recent change (Student Science; January 29, 2015)


Blog Posts

Detective or Scientist? Fingerprinting the Ocean to Estimate Global Sea Level Rise (Union of Concerned Scientists; February 6, 2015)

Solving the puzzle of sea-level rise by reexamining the past (The Conversation; January 16, 2015)